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Sharen Turner - Sunday, February 19, 2017

5 ways to create

Balance in Your Life - Week 1

Over the next 5 weeks my Blog will cover “5 Ways to Create Balance in your Life” with a new topic each week. The turmoil of life; within us, around us and far reaching can often cause us to feel overwhelmed and unbalanced. Join me for the next 5 weeks as we look at ways we can bring Balance into our lives and those around us.

Having Balance in our lives can be challenging as we juggle work and/or study deadlines, the myriad of activities in a household at any one time, not to mention the endless list racing through our mind. This outer world busyiness can also affect our inner world, causing an imbalance with our emotional and spiritual self.

Creating balance of body/mind will not happen by just wishing for it. Instead it takes conscious effort to look for and work with tools that can support us in our efforts to create the changes that will bring us a greater sense of balance.

As an avid user of Essential Oils in my home, for myself and my children this is probably a good place to start.

  • ©Essential Oils/Aromatherapy
  • Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy using Essential Oils to help improve the quality of life on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Essential Oils have the power to influence your moods and feelings and are increasingly being explored by the scientific community for the treatment of a variety of diseases.
  • Introducing Essential Oils into your life can be as simple as spraying a room with a wonderfully aromatic scent, or perhaps a few drops onto a tissue and tucked under your pillow for a calm night sleep. Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years for a multitude of purposes and it is fantastic to see a resurgence of these oils as an option for our wellbeing and health. Our grandmothers ironed bed linen with lavender spray to help remove wrinkles and scent the linen as it was also believed to deter moths in the cupboards. And, medicinal gardens can still be found today around old hospitals and monasteries where the essential oils extracted from the plants were used for health and wellbeing.
  • As with so many things in our lives today, the choice of brands and then types of oils is immense. But most of the hard work has been done for us, as we can buy pure Essential Oils for specific purposes complete with explanations and Blends for all situations. Whatever you are looking for: Balance, Bliss, Calm, Energy, Focus, Confidence… it is there in a little bottle of oil and it truly works.
  • Over the years I have used a number of Essential Oils but two that I can highly recommend are Secret Scents Aromatherapy and Neal’s Yard Remedies. I have used Secret Scents for many, many years whilst living in Australia, and more recently Neal’s Yard now that I am in France. They are both family run businesses but more importantly they are fully transparent in what their products contain.
  • Secret Scent Aromatherapy provides 100% natural skin care and therapeutic products and each item in the Secret Scent Aromatherapy range is hand blended by leading and highly qualified Aromatherapist, Sharen Turner, in Sydney Australia.
  • Neal’s Yard Remedies list online all the ingredients used in their products, also benefits and uses, with a product range that includes skincare & wellbeing.
  • Below are a few Blends that can assist with bringing Balance into our life.


  • Sharen from Secret Scent Aromatherapy has blended Bergamot, Neroli, and Rose Geranium together perfectly in a ready to use vial called Balance – or you can grab your own personal supply in a handy roll on pen that you can apply directly to your own pulse points (temples and wrists) in times of stress. This gorgeous blend will help bring balance to you and those around you.
  • A beautiful new addition to Secret Scents range is the Yin & Yang Blends. The Yang oil is used when you feel lethargic, weak, or fatigued. Essential oils of Cypress, Petitgrain, Spearmint & Kaffir Lime. The Yin oil when you feel nervous, stressed or anxious. Essential oils of Patchouli , Pine, Geranium & Vetiver.
  • I love any Essential blend with Geranium and the Women’s Balance from Neal’s Yard Remedies as well as being for imbalances during menstruation and menopause, will generally take the edge off your emotions giving you inner clarity and poise. Ideal for vaporisation and can be used diluted on the skin, containing Rose and Geranium.
  • Looking forward to seeing you again next week as we explore how we can use our Breath to help bring Balance to our body, mind and spirit.


5 ways to create

Balance in Your Life - Week 2

  • ©Breath

I hope you have had a wonderful week enjoying the benefits of Essential Oils and discovered some favourites that work well for you. Today we are looking at the Breath and how we can use our Breath to bring Balance into our life and those around us.

Breath is life, and without it we have no life. But just as importantly is the ‘quality’ of our Breath which we will cover in this blog. Over the past week if you didn’t use your Essential Oils in a diffuser or burner you have missed out on an amazing experience of breathing in the wellbeing of the air around you.

Let’s do a quick exercise using an Essential Oil in either a diffuser or oil burner. If you don’t have either of these place a few drops of Essential Oil into a bowl of warm water and place your face near the bowl to breathe in the vapour.

Begin inhaling and travel with the breath, in through the nose, down the back of the throat and deep into the abdomen – that spot behind your naval, from the navel to the ribs, allowing the breath to expand the diaphragm, the upper chest the sternum, and finally into the collarbones as they lift gently.

Exhale by reversing this action; contract your abdominal muscles as you exhale from the abdomen slowly, releasing the breath from the upper chest, ribcage, diaphragm and feel the warm air leaving your nostrils.

You can place your right hand on your abdomen and your left hand on your rib cage to help direct the breath on its journey.

Can you feel a shift in your overall being? Or perhaps a sense of peace as your heartbeat slows and the harsh edges of life soften. That is your Breath bringing in that shift and Balance back into your life.

Recent studies have shown that a three part deep breath, rather than a shallow breath, allows you to take in and give out seven times as much air—that means seven times as much oxygen, seven times as much prana, and a more energised and balanced you. And without being really conscious of it, because you are focusing on a deeper breath, you have found your mindful breath.

But what is mindful breathing? Being mindful of your breath simply means observing and opening your awareness to your breath: to your breathing in and your breathing out, without controlling or judging it in any way, letting it be.

Becoming aware of our mindful breath, allows us to more easily focus on our breath in daily activities of life. It will assist with managing stress, increases the self-awareness of your mind and body, improves your emotional wellbeing and relaxes the body, allowing you a more ‘’restful’’ sleep.

When you begin to practice mindful breathing it is best to take yourself to a quiet place and close your eyes, so you can focus on your breath without any distractions. After some practice you will find it is like second nature.

I found I could take my mindful breath practice outside when I was in a queue at the supermarket. I would move myself into Mountain Pose (Tadasana) and find something ahead to focus on and just go with the breath.

It’s as if you just ‘click into’ mindfulness mode and then you can expand your mindfulness to anything that you wish. It’s a wonderful process and journey of re-discovering your body, reconnecting with your mind and rejuvenating your spirit.

Mindfulness Breath brings Balance back into your life. Once you have begun to look for more Balance in your life, you begin to find that your perspective on situations outside your control has a whole new outlook. Predicaments that appeared overwhelming suddenly are no longer important, something someone said that really annoyed you, and you couldn’t let go, is longer even an issue.

On the other side of the coin, people and situations that you should focus on have more clarity and you can see the relevance. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and your feel a shift of burden off your shoulders. The clarity of mind, that mindful breathing brings, enables you to see a clearer picture, the big picture without the haze and noise.

Enjoy delving into the Balance of your Breath over the next few days and I look forward to bringing the next chapter of our series, unfolding the joys of Relaxation – predominantly around the bathroom and bathtub – my most favourite way to relax!

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