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Sacred Yoga Scents

Sharen Turner - Saturday, March 10, 2018

Im Sharen Turner a fully qualified Aromatherapist & Feng Shui consultant, and the founder of Secret Scent. I started at SYAMA – Sunrise Yoga and Meditation Academy, as I wanted to further my knowledge for both my modalities Aromatherapy & Feng Shui. Learning more about chakras, yin & yang yoga terms, elements within the body to help with my Aromatic blending & Feng Shui consultations.

I wasn’t much of a yogi but more a yoga latte, after my first SYAMA experience I discovered “santosa” contentment, being at peace with what is, which immediately become something I wanted to create in my life & in my yoga practice to help others, so I designed a blend which did just that, Santosa .

I became addicted to YOGA as I loved the people & the practice as well as what it taught me spiritually & mentally, and to become disciplined for which I am very grateful.

Chakras are the energy centres in our body, energy is “VIBRATION” also known as chi in Feng Shui & each essential oil has a chakra & colour vibration.

Essential oils are used to enhance the vibration of your intentions through physical senses of touch & smell, by adding the ritual of anointing the body with the essential oils it enhances our intentions. Eg if your intention is HEART centred, you would apply the Om blend to empower your intention, the scent would be a physical reminder to help manifest your heart s desire.

How it works is the Aroma enters your nose travels through the cranial nerve to the olfactory bulb which is part of the limbic system “ the emotional centre of the brain” which activates a positive connection “ trigger response “ to your intention and is activated once re applying in future a positive emotional experience into your conscious awareness by recalling the original aroma, it triggers” the set intention which can impact mood & behaviour.

So yoga lovers as you enter a calmer more relaxed & contented yoga practice by applying the essential oils it will not only raise your vibration but also initiate an associated learning experience. So next time you apply this same oil blend the aromatic scent will bring you back to the mood you experienced at Govinda valley in tonight practice.