At Secret Scent we create custom made Aromatic blends to suit your specific requirements.

In collaboration with your brief, we connect your brand with your customers and your unique scent.             
Handcrafted by a Fully Qualified Aromatherapist with 24 years experience in this healing modality.

Secret Scent blended Signature Scents are perfect for corporate gifts, retail outlets, events, weddings, holistic practitioners, hotels & day spas, family & friends gifts.

We can supply in bulk or repack for retail branding, offering labelling, packaging & filling.             
50% balance due upon ordering and balance due on delivery- Order minimum                          

Secret Scent provides only the finest quality carrier oils, the purest essential oils, natural extracts and floral waters in all our products. Our ingredients are sourced worldwide to create signature scents, individual prescriptions and personalised remedies. Our products contain 100% natural ingredients, no nasty chemicals, synthetics or preservatives. Sharen Turner is the founder and owner of Secret Scent. She was introduced to aromatherapy in Africa in 1989 by a friend who was growing roses to make essential oil. Sharen was so inspired, she began studying aromatherapy both in Australia and London. Soon afterwards, Secret Scent was born. Living in the beachside suburb of Cronulla, Sydney, Sharen admits that Mandarin essential oil best describes her personality: cheerful, refreshing and inspiring!

 Why essential oils?

Not only is it a market trend across all avenues of retail revenue it has long been used to support the body, mind and emotions.

It would be the same concept as people drinking herbal teas for its health benefits or taking vitamins for healthy long term benefits and ailment prevention.

Oils have moved beyond the tea light candle oil burners or aromatherapy massages. Over the last 5 years has seen a rise in sales and demand for household everyday use. Oils are now encouraged to be diffused in cool mist vaporisers/humidifiers - simply called “diffusers” and are a much safer way to use essential oils.

Essential oils that are sustainably and ethically sourced also mean they are pure and not synthetic which means when it comes to health benefits they provide a therapeutic use.

Email us your requirements & decide your intention for your Signature Scent

1 What would you like this Signature Scent to enhance or achieve ?

2 What are your Preferred Scents ?

3 What method would you be using to aromatise your business ?

4 Describe your business, its environment and the surroundings

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